27 May 2012

no specific title.

dimulakan dengan Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

kenape title mcm tuh ? entah .
takde idea ? mungkin .
kenape ye ? tanda tanya .
sedih ? marah ?
kenape ayt pon mcm patung bergerak ? no answer .

the most possible answer is . .
who are YOU ?
it is YOU .
this message is specially dedicated to you.
yes, to YOU . my special YOU.

we've been friend for such a long time . maybe .
i know a lot about you .
same goes to you . well, i think u've know me well .
time passed quickly and now we're in the last year of being a student.
so many memories have been created right ?
the moment we laugh together .
the moment we cry together .
the moment we hang out together .
the moment we eat junk food together .
the moment we study together .
the moment we are having a chit chat together .
i would never ever forget it .

if I could record all the time we are together, then i will do so .
if I could write all the story we are sharing, then i will do so .
however, i cant . but all that things has been safely saved in my memory of mind .
you, i do really love you .
saya sayang awk, ukhti .
saranghaeyo, unnie .
but, do you fell the same ?
it could be YES .
and it could be NO .
only you have the right answer as there will be no left answer. [joke]

kite rapat . mungkin . dulu . kot .
sekarang mcam mane ?
mungkin ye, mungkin tidak . kan awk ?
kenape ye saye rase jauh drpd awk ?
adakah saye yg menjauhkan diri ?
atau awak yg demikian ?
tak kisah la ape .

yang penting, saye nak awk tahu yg saye sayang awk .
uhibbuki fillah jiddan jiddan .
saye tak nak tunjuk sebab saye takut awk tak anggap pon saye BFF awk .
sebab sekarang awk dah ade org lain .
you got the sun , you got the star and you got the moon .
well i', just the cloud .
which is nothing to you.
but still, i will love you. hold that word tightly okay .
i know you didnt read this.
because, u dont even know the existance of this diary of mine.

but thats okay .
i just want to pray for His Blessing for you .
i'm hoping for His Strength to be lent for you .
i'm hoping for His Path to be showed to you.
so that you can always safe , happy , live peacefully .
in the same time ,
wishing you excel in your life .
no more tears burst from your beautiful brown eyes .

if we are unable to meet again after this ,
promise me that you will never give up in your life .
you will always strike for your goals .
you will always enlighten the greatness of Islam .
show the world that a Muslimah also can save this civilization .
be a good and strong Mujahidah .
insya Allah you will be the Angel in Jannah.

ya Allah, please Bless my friends .
give them strength to go through this hard life .
save our journey in finding your blessing .
may our FRIENDSHIP become the platform for us to be together in your JANNAH .

akhirul kalam, khairum min Allah, syarrum min nafsi . alhamdulillah .

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